IVY Camera + Built-in DVR for Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi
(Updated 2021-03-10)

Featuring video streaming, DVR, Apple HomeKit support, multiple Wifi modes, and more.

  • Setup commands (in the same directory of the downloaded package)
$ chmod +x ivysetup-1.6.5-***.bin
$ sudo ./ivysetup-1.6.5-***.bin
  • Access the device using web browser connecting to
  • A companion Microsoft Windows portable video wall application is available here (Zipped file size: 79kb)
  • A companion Android App IvyViewer for Android 5.0 (API level 21) or later devices is available at Google Play store
    and also for download (APK package size: 1723kb) locally
  • To remove the package from the device completely, run (in your home directory)
$ sudo /opt/ivy/ cleanup
  • For the time being, request a free full license here. (hint: ivy dvr)
  • Feel free to contact rpi{at}ettaceo{dot}com for suggestions and questions